Looking Back Upon Success: What We Can Learn from their Side of the Desk

right way wrong wayA little over a year ago, K Squared Communications decided it was time to look at some of the fantastic people we had worked with over the years, and to reach out to other entrepreneurs we wanted to know better.  The idea quickly grew from there as we soon were interviewing and talking to successful business owners and operators from around the world, to present unprecedented insight into how these entrepreneurs started out, how they learned the ropes, and how they achieved success.

We figured it was time to pause for a breath and take a look back at what we’ve learned over the course of that year.

Believe:  In yourself.  In your idea.  In your ability to get the job done.  In the fact that, no matter how radical the idea seems at first, people will come around to seeing how great it is.  In each case, these entrepreneurs had just their own belief in what they could do, and the idea they had, to become successful.

Know Your Strengths:  In each case the entrepreneurs knew what they were good at and where their strengths lay.   They were able to capitalize on that and turn their strengths into their business and then use those strengths to move further and become a success than some of them dared hope.

Do What You Love:  In each case the entrepreneur had a desire and passion about something whether that something was journalism, providing healthy grass-fed beef, starting an internet company or turning a love of gymnastics into something that could give hope to children who might have lost hope.  In each case these passions turned into something successful, dramatic, life-changing, and exciting.

Keep Learning:  At the same time, these entrepreneurs also had to be willing to learn new things as they went along.  Sometimes learning meant learning from mistakes and failures, but each entrepreneur came to the realization that in order to succeed they might need to either acquire new skills, or find people to surround themselves with who had those skills in order to succeed.

Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold ‘em:  Each entrepreneur had no real idea if their dream would become a reality.  Still, they pursued it like they could not fail.  At times they had to be willing to pull down the awning and start over.  Or, sometimes, to sell the business, but then be willing to start over again with a brand new dream.  Other times, though, they had to persevere through hard times in order to get through the storms to the pleasant weather on the other side.



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