Lying Down in Laptop-lane

An updated salute to Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Land of Counterpane”

By Kate Koziol

Now I am sick and lay a-bed,
A box of Kleenex at my head,
And all my toys beside me lay,
To keep me online all the day.

So this day long, I’m on the go
I keep my cell phone plugged in, lo,
There’s 15 texts and 80 mail,
Plus laptop Skype, another sail.

And near to me, the pharmacy lay,
Decongestants, expectorants and Nyquil stay.
Or sometimes when I lay just still,
An offline thought can take a hill.

I was the worker linked to the mill
That sits amongst this techno-fill,
And has before her, this online rein,
The connected land of laptop-lane.

And the original work:

The Land of Counterpane
by Robert Louis Stevenson

When I was sick and lay a-bed,
I had two pillows at my head,
And all my toys beside me lay,
To keep me happy all the day. 
And sometimes for an hour or so
I watched my leaden soldiers go,
With different uniforms and drills,
Among the bed-clothes, through the hills; 

And sometimes sent my ships in fleets 
All up and down among the sheets; 
Or brought my trees and houses out, 
And planted cities all about. 

I was the giant great and still 
That sits upon the pillow-hill, 
And sees before him, dale and plain, 
The pleasant land of counterpane.

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