Making Community Work Work for You

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the U.S., and you need their help!  Aligning your company with a nonprofit organization not only benefits the nonprofit group, but it also brings many benefits to your business.   Here’s how:


Tim Ryan and Mandy Lewis with Chicago school children for the ROTARY/One Dictionary Project.

  1.  Demonstrate your commitment. The more you get involved with charitable causes in your community the more lives you touch.  These kinds of events give you more chances to encounter new customers in new, meaningful ways.
  2. Networking. You will meet people you might never have encountered otherwise. As you meet new people and introduce others, your network and your potential influence grows. Expanding your connections expands your business.
  3. Camaraderie. Sign up with your employees for charity-based projects in the community. This allows the staff to build essential work skills like teamwork and leadership. It also lets your employees get to know one another in a nonbusiness setting.
  4. Positive impact on the community. It is everyone’s role to support the community. As a business leader, you can help nonprofit organizations strengthen your community and support its growth. When your community thrives, your business has greater potential.
  5. Build a positive image. Members of the community will notice that you are taking an interest in the nonprofit organizations. Because your business is trying to better the community, many people will look at your business in a positive light.
  6. Generate positive press. Getting involved with a nonprofit organization can be newsworthy. Your work together could generate positive press for both you and the nonprofit group. This positive exposure can give your company a competitive edge.

Helping others is a smart investment in your own business. When working with causes that you and your employees believe in, you have the potential to gain so much more than you give. If you can’t find a cause to support, visit, they have activities in almost every community worldwide.




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