Marketing and Website Tips: Making your Website Globaly Friendly

There was a time that just having a website was key.  Now, everyone has a website from the lowliest freelance writer to the biggest corporation.  The internet has, according to some, made the world a smaller place.  That means, whenever you put something online you should expect it to reach a global audience.  Sure, you may be a local entity, but if your website is up and running, your audience is global.

Of course, this adds to the burden of creating a website.  Not only do you have to worry about a website that looks good and says interesting things, but you have to create a website that has global reach. As this article from says, you have to creat a website that is “global friendly.”  There is more to it than just having nice pictures.

For example, if you are putting lots of text into areas that are usually reserved for photos, you could be losing a lot of potential traffic.  But that is just one of several things you need to consider.  So, ask yourself, is your website global friendly?  What can you do to make it more global friendly?  Is making your website global friendly something that really would benefit your organization?

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