Preparing for Interviews with the Press

young beautiful female reporter with microphone isolated on whitWhat you do before an interview is almost as important as what you say during the interview. To help you get ready here are some essential steps:

  • Researching the interviewer and news outlet. Conducting research on your interviewer and their body of work can assist you in shaping the content of the interview. It is also important to research the news outlet so you can adjust the message for the target audience.
  • Determining your message. The point of an interview is to get your company’s message out to your intended audience. Prepare and practice inserting two to three key points that you want to get across in the interview. Make sure that your key points are memorable and consistent with the company brand and overall messaging.
  • Talking the talk. Interviewers are looking for good quotes, so you need to practice delivering clear, concise and consistent messages. Rehearsing and strategizing possible questions, especially difficult ones, can help you deliver the company’s messages without sounding like a robot. Have your two to three key points at your fingertips to ensure you hit your main topics.
  • Dressing like you’re on camera. Making a positive and lasting first impression can be your first step to a great interview and follow up article. Show up to an in-person interview in professional attire and with a positive and engaging attitude. Be sure to treat phone interviews with the same professionalism as in-person interviews by being in a quiet area with a solid phone connection.

Press interviews are your chance to reach thousands of people, so they have the potential to be the most important conversation you have all week. By adequately preparing for interviews, you will be able to dramatically improve and expand awareness of your organization.

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