Printing Green: The Back Story

Marilyn Jones, Founder, Consolidated Printing

Marilyn’s entire career has been in the print industry and she got her start before there were office copiers, so the work was abundant.  She saw how dangerous printing could be and there were very few regulations in place to protect workers and communites.  She witnessed physical and mental health-threatening reactions to chemicals and although it was not originally her intent to create a toxin-free printing process, these incidents had a great influence on her.

Marilyn founded Consolidated Printing in 1973 and it is a successful, green printing company whose work includes many political clients including U.S. President Obama, Chicago Mayor Emmanuel and materials for the NATO Summit in 2012.

Consolidated Printing began as a conventional printing company, but over time Marilyn found ways to eliminate toxic chemicals from her operation.  She found inspiration from her first client, a vitamin manufacturer, where she learned from personal experience how natural products could have a positive impact on the health of loved ones.

The printing industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world, but Marilyn is proud to be a 100% toxin-free printer.  From the fountain solution to the washing solution, every component of the printing process at Consolidated Printing is toxin free.

In 1997, Marilyn worked on an EPA-driven project called Great Printers designed to educate print shop openers on environmentally friendly practices and the safest use of chemicals.  When they came to inspect Marilyn’s plant, she not only met expectations, but far exceeded them, and she was asked to assist the EPA with their own in-house printing facility and participate in an educational lecture series.  Throughout her career Marilyn has been recognized by many groups as a key pioneer in green printing.

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