Printing Green: What We Can Learn From Her Side Of The Desk

Marilyn Jones, Founder, Consolidated Printing

Give Thanks: Be thankful even for the calamities that may come your way because they teach you something.  You may learn to not make the same mistake again or recognize the strength you had to overcome a difficult situation.

Honor Your Beliefs: Be true to yourself.  When you have something drastic staring you in the face, and you realize that is it not good for you, have the tenacity to stick with your convictions and remove that negative from either your personal or work environment.

American Pride: Start talking to politicians about the lack of manufacturing in the U.S.  We need to be diligent and start insisting on building our manufacturing industry.

Greenwashing: Greenwashing is the act of claiming to be green when you are not and it is wrong because it causes confusion among consumers.  Those companies who falsely claim their policies are being environmentally friendly, prevent themselves and others from ever really going green.

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