Repeat Offender: The Back Story Part One

Jeff Hoffman of Color Jar, and uBid

Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder, Color Jar


Jeff Hoffman’s industrious nature and work ethic started at a very young age.  He discovered early on that the dollar in his pocket was not what made him tick.  Whether he was delivering newspapers, or selling seeds door-to-door it was the satisfaction of having worked hard was far more important.

Jeff will admit the only time money was ever a motivator in his vast career was while he was studying at Yale.  As a student he started his first computer software company, focusing on how to make money because he simply could not afford the tuition.  After college Jeff did a brief stint in corporate America, but felt the focus was always on trying to impress the boss, instead of the quality of work performed and customer satisfaction.  He decided to quit and become an entrepreneur full-time and has never looked back.

At about 27 with no income after quitting his job, Jeff started his first start-up with a company called Competitive Technologies.  He knew even as a young man that success could only be attained by hiring people who were smarter and who had more experience in this field.  It proved to be a lucrative venture which he later sold to American Express, a very successful exit for his first start-up.  Again the money was never the end game, but it afforded him the freedom to continue a career path he felt most passionate about.

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