Repeat Offender: The Back Story Part Two

Jeff Hoffman of Color Jar, and uBid

Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder, Color Jar


Jeff‘s continued successes as an entrepreneur include such household names as and  After launching Priceline, Jeff decided to take a detour and head to Hollywood.  He was always fascinated with the creative process involved in the entertainment industry.  Some of his friends were skeptical and thought he was wasting his time and money.  Once again Jeff proved his entrepreneurial skills know no bounds.  Black Sky Entertainment’s first Indy Film, Cabin Fever opened in 3000 theatres, in 45 countries.  In addition to Independent Film, Black Sky has collaborated on several music projects with artists such as ‘NSync and Britney Spears.  Jeff followed his great principles of entrepreneurship and applied them to the music industry and experienced success in a field that was far from his own area of expertise.

Jeff’s story however doesn’t end here.  The lack of assistance available to either established companies trying to launch a new product or service, or new companies getting off the ground was the impetus of Color Jar.  Jeff found himself fielding many calls looking for advice for all different aspects of launching and/or starting a new product or service.  Jeff recognized the need for a one-stop-shop to help fill this hole in the market, and because entrepreneurs and start-ups are his passion, it seemed the most logical next step.  Color Jar assembles a small All-Star Team with expertise in every facet needed to take their clients’ idea and turn it into a successful business venture.

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