Repeat Offender: The Big Picture and The Quick Take

Jeff Hoffman of Color Jar, and uBid

Jeff Hoffman, Co-Founder, Color Jar

Jeff Hoffman has started many companies including, and CTI, to name just a few.  His latest company is Color Jar, an idea accelerator that supports entrepreneurial ventures by creating a support team that provides every aspect of expertise required when launching new products or services, and accelerates the initial idea into a successful business.


The Quick Take:

Best Advice: Allow your work to stand for itself.  While others spend time waving their personal flags, go do something, go build something, create some value in your world.  Success will come to those who recognize that talk is cheap.

Greatest Failure: While developing a new product, Jeff and his team were caught up in their own excitement about the product, rather than focusing on who they were building the product for.  After its launch they soon discovered that they over anticipated the market’s reaction and it forced them to shut down operation.

Greatest Success: Jeff doesn’t base his success in dollar signs.  He knows that success can only be accomplished if you recognize the importance of building the best team possible.  Creating an environment that the most powerful, motivated and talented people in their field don’t want to leave has proved to be the winning formula for his success.

What Makes You Crazy?  When good enough is good enough for you drives Jeff nuts.  Lack of effort, not mistakes, makes him crazy.  We all make mistakes, but there is no excuse in Jeff’s book for mediocrity.

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