Engineering Engagement: The Quick Take

Steven Spradlin, Actin Web Video

Steve Spradlin is a serial entrepreneur and a serial success story, having run and then sold a wireless company which allowed him to settle into an early semi-retirement phase.  His ongoing pursuit of knowledge was a key factor in driving him to launch Actin Web Video in 2001.

The Quick Take

Best Advice:  Figure out what interests you to find what job best fits those interests.   Steve enjoys seeing, doing and learning about different things as well as learning about technology, so video production was a great second career for him.

Greatest Failure:  Steve sees small setbacks as chances to improve and cites losing a bid as a failure, especially when he thinks he should have won and uses those experiences to figure out how to better convey their message to potential customers.

Greatest Success:  Steve converted Ranger, his wireless company, from publicly held to private – it was a big risk and as managing director it was Steve’s responsibility to make it a success.

What Makes Steve Crazy:  Middle managers that don’t care about key issues when you know that the owner of the company would care deeply.  The “it’s not my money” attitude is wasteful.

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