Social Media News: Hollywood has two movies featuring social media in theaters

Just how prevalent and all-pervasive has social network become?  It has become such a phenomenon that Hollywood has two movies in theaters, both receiving great reviews, featuring social networking as a major element of the plot.  One of them, is actually about the creation of Facebook.

“The Social Network” is a movie that is not only getting great reviews and earning big box office, it is a movie being compared to classics like “Citizen Kane” and “The Godfather.”  It tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the social networking site Facebook.  It also tells the story of how, on the way to becoming the world’s youngest billionaire, he made a few enemies along the way.  As Zuckerberg was sued by at least two parties once Facebook took off and became the huge social media entity that it is today.

The second movie is a documentary called “Catfish.”  This film shows the effects of social media.  It involves a young man from New York entering into a possible online romance thanks to Facebook.  As the young man seems to get involved with a 19-year-old musician who lives in Michigan, questions arise.  What happens when the young man and his friends decide to head to Michigan to investigate is now a secret that the filmmakers hope no one reveals.

Both movies are getting rave reviews.  Both movies are managing to generate buzz at the box office.  Both movies show how social media sites such as Facebook have become a part of our daily lives to the point that going to a social media site such as Facebook to look for information on someone is almost second nature.  “The Social Network” shows how all of the things that we now take for granted as part of Facebook came into existence.  Whatever humble origins Facebook might have had, it has grown to the point that 500 million people around the world now use the site.

This seems to indicate that social media, like Facebook, is anything but a fad.  It has become as common in daily life as going to the grocery store or turning on the television.  At the same time, a movie like “Catfish” shows how the social media can be misused and used to deceive.  So, the movies make interesting companion pieces to each other, as one shows the creation and one shows the possible risks and misuse of the media created.

Like them or not, social media is here to stay.  It can be used for good or ill.  So, make sure you create a company social media policy and make sure you use social media in a way that benefits your company.

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