Social Media Tip: Be Careful About Your Information

You see the status updates all the time.  They seem like panickedm issives from people telling you that all of your information including your blodo type and bank account information is avilable on your profile via Facebook.  If you believed every status update that had something frightening to say about the information you put on Facebook, you would think that Facebook was really nothing more than some kind of information vampire.  The fact is, most of the scary updates and information you hear isn’t really as bad as you might think.


One of the most recent ones says that everyone’s phone numbers are available for anyone on Facebook to look at.  This then goes on to give som elaborate method of looking up your friends and then looking at some obscure section of your porilfe called “phonebook.”  Of course, this ignores the fact that most people have their phone numbers listed on their profiles, and have since they started Facebook, so those numbers have already been there because they were entered into the profile information by those signing up for Facebook in the first place.  So, really, this is nothing new.  However, it does point out an interesting and important hting about social networking and your profiles.


Most people go to a social network and they fill out their profiles.  Of couse, it has been said, time and again, that you get more responses to your profile if you fill it out completely.  So, most people do.  What they then do not do is take the time to learn about how to set the privacy settings for something like Facebook.  Facebook recently made changes to their privacy settings so that individuals can turn on and off very specific things that are generally available on their profiles.  The same can be said for any other social media. 


It pays to take the ime and understand the settings before you go forward.  Also, you need to consider any social media venture as part of your company communication strategy.  Just like when you send out emails blasts or post an ad somewhere, you need to consider what that ad says and what information is on there.  This same tactic needs to take place with your social media profiles.


Using social media is not a passive thing.  Neither is creating a website, these days.  The days when you could simply creat a site and then let it sit there, unchanged, for months, is long gone.  You have to become actively involved in social media such as Facebook.  That means staying educated about the changes made and about how to manage who sees what. If you cannot stay on top of that yourself, it might be time to find someone who can.

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