SOCIAL MEDIA TIP OF THE WEEK: Blogging When Staff and Resources are Minimal

So, everyone says that you need to start a blog for you company.  Of course, blogging is a part of the social media sphere.  In fact, if you start a blog and interact with users, starting a blog is like starting your own personal social media website.  It all sounds great.  You may have even been to a seminar or training that discussed how to start a blog and why a blog can be such a great thing for your company.  Then you take a look at the work you have to do to create and maintain a blog and the amount of time it takes to make a blog successful and your palms start to sweat and your heart beats fast and, maybe, you decide that ordering lunch is a much more pressing matter than starting the company blog.

Of course, any venture into social media is intimidating.  You are bombarded on all sides by different experts who all claim that they, somehow, have found the magic key that will turn any social media effort, including blogging, that will reap the greatest rewards for you company.  Of course, so many of these experts seem to only be making money by selling themselves as speakers and by selling training courses.   

Well, a great article by Lee Odden from the website TopRank has some great tips on starting a company blog when your resources are minimal.  He breaks it down nicely into easy-to-digest and accomplish nuggets that you should read and take to heart.  It doesn’t have to be as scary as you think.  

Here are the tips, but for explanations and expansion of the tips, check out the article itself (which you can find HERE) :

1. Become a blog reader

2. Set goals for your business blog.

3. Create a schedule.

4. Be efficient with content 

5. Make blogging a team effort. 

Of course, you may read this article and still think it sounds like a lot of work.  Don’t get the idea that it isn’t.  Creating a blog, and any social media effort, is probably going to add to your work load.  The key is incorporating that into your daily routine and realize that social media is not playing, but furthering your company’s message.  It is a change in mindset that just because you spent time working on the blog or on your Facebook page does not mean you wasted the hour.  It means you spent time reaching out to your audience and potential clients.   

Remember, there are people out there who can help.  There are countless articles that have additional advice.  Plus, there are companies who can assist you.

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