Social Media Tip of the Week: Going Electronic and the Changing Face of Publishing

For better or for worse we live in a time when just about anyone can be a publisher or a journalist.  Starting a blog or writing notes on your Facebook page makes you a person instantly in contact with your fans and readers.  Starting a blog for your company is like having an in-house publishing division. 

This has also dramatically affected the world of publishing.  Recently, media mogul Ruper Murdoch stated that he felt the new wave of pubilshing that would save the newspaper world were tablet PCs like the iPad.  So, he is creating a new, national newspaper that will be available exclusively for tablet PCs.  

Now, an article at shows an author of 12 books has decided to abandon traditional publishing in favor of some form of electronic publishing.  You can read the entire article at this link:

The author in the article writes books about business and marketing, rather than other forms of non-fiction or fiction.  However, it is interesting that someone who has sold a large number of paper books and who has published 12 of those kinds of books, has decided to move away from that form of publishing. 

The face of publishing is changing.  Everyone is now a critic because now everyone can leave a comment on a blog or Facebook page.  Everyone who even thinks they can write can become a citizen journalist.  The mediums you use to publish your company news is now radically different than it was just a few years ago.  So, keep that in mind as you move forward with press releases, articles and news about your comapny.

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