SOCIAL MEDIA TIP OF THE WEEK: Surviving the Changes

If there is one thing that is constant, especially in the realm of social media, is that things change all of the time.  You see it a lot on social media sites such as Facebook.  Facebook is always trying to find new ways to display the information their users have on their profiles. They are constantly tweaking and updating.  What is more constant than change is the sheer panic with which most users will respond to the changes. Again, you see this all the time on Facebook whenever they make a change as people update their statuses with pleas  for Facebook to change things back as they were and wondering why, oh why, did Facebook go and do this to them again? 

In the end the protesting never does much.  Facebook has not ever actually changed the profiles back to the way they were before.  They have developers working hours and hours, sometimes all night for days, trying to make these updates as user-friendly as possible.  People just panic when they open their profile and see that things are different.

If you are venturing into the realm of social media, you need to be prepared for this.  Right now, you should take a moment to yourself and think, “I will not panic if Facebook decides to change my profile again.”  You need to look at the changes as an opportunity.  Now is the time for you, your social media staff, and your social media consultant to get together and get creative.

Take a look at the most recent updates that Facebook made with the profiles. Once again, many users complained that they had just gotten used to the way things were before and now Facebook was changing things again.  While some were complaining, some truly creative people decided to see what they could do with the changes to make their profiles more interesting.

Check out this article, and the pictures near the bottom of the page, from

The people here decided that the changes meant that they could do something different.  They embraced the changes rather than fleeing from them.  In return they created something new and exciting and that got people talking.

This is a lesson that can be applied almost anywhere within your company.  Is the new boss a bad move or something different that could lead to something great?  Is the new company logo a problem or does it invite amazing creative responses and uses?  Does moving into a new building bring about new hassles or open up new opportunities?  It really often depends on how you look at it.

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