Not everyone is anxious to get in front of a camera.  There are certain businesses where using video just doesn’t make sense, of course.  However, there might be more uses for it when it comes to your social media efforts than you realize.  In fact, using video and images is one of the best ways to get traffic to your Facebook page, blog and website. 

We live in a time when people are very short when it comes to their attention span.  People like a lot of moving images.  Videos are the things that people tend to like and then pass around form one to another using their email and their own social media profiles.

Here is an interesting article from that focuses on some small businesses who have started to use video and places like YouTube to promote themselves and their products:

When you use video you have to use it in a way that makes sense.  However, just because you have a business that consists primarily people sitting in cubicles does not mean that you don’t have video potential.  Do you have an executive who likes to speak in public?  Are there corporate events, seminars or charity events that your company participates in?

Of course, you have to be careful.  You don’t want anyone saying or doing anything on the videos that you wouldn’t want your clients and vendors to see.  A good rule of thumb when it comes to putting content on your website, Facebook page or when speaking to the media is never say anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see, hear or read. 

Yes, it can be funny.  It can be a lot of fun.  It is a good way to humanize your company and show that there are real people working behind the scenes.  Of course, this should be your goal in any of your social media endeavors.  People, these days, like to feel that they can interact with companies no matter their size. 

Using video can help people keep coming back to your Facebook page or your website.  It gives people something to see and connect with your company and image.  Yes, it may take some investing in video cameras and perhaps some video editing software, but the fact is that this is pretty affordable these days.  You can get very good audio and video quality from a small Flip camera or a similar device.  Even some cell phones have excellent pictures and video quality these days.

So, don’t think that you don’t have what it takes to post some interesting video.  You can let yourself be creative.  You can have fun with it. You can teach your clients about what you do.  You can put a human face on your company and find new ways to interact with customers and clients.  It’s a good tool to keep in mind in order to keep your social media efforts fresh and exciting.

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