SOCIAL MEDIA TIP OF THE WEEK: What Military Efficiency Can Teach YOU About Using Social Media

There is nothing like military efficiency.  Things, out of necessity, have to be pretty straight-to-the-point there.  That even comes in to play when you are talking about the Army Reserve and their social media program.

Ragan Communications recently had a conference where they invited the social media manager for the Army Reserve to come and speak.  The crowd was filled with business owners and operators who were looking for ways to improve their social media efforts and make them more effective and efficient.  You can read the entire article about what Lt. Col. Andrew Morton had to say here:

Some of the things Lt. Col. Morton had to say are pretty interesting.  For example, he states that having just one person in charge of your social media efforts is a potential recipe for disaster.  For example, the city of Calgary who had only one person in charge of their social media who thought he was on a personal social media site when he decided to voice his opinion that Calgary “sucked”, but was, in fact, logged onto the city’s social media account. 

Another thing Morton suggests is that the important thing about social media should not be to drive people to your website.  He suggests keeping your website as a kind of brochure, not something interactive, but keep the interactive things for your social media efforts.  Too many companies, he feels, are trying to build social media efforts into their home page, which does not work. 

Morton has other interesting things to think about as you consider what to post next or how to increase your social media footprint.  Some of them might be a bit controversial (such as “don’t worry about being fired” when posting), but some of them are practical and should be considered.

Now, your company may not be big enough to have multiple people managing your social media efforts, but maybe there are ways to get guest writers for your blog or Facebook page.  It is also important to remember that you can post links to interesting articles or blog posts that you find elsewhere.  Not all of the social media content you create has to be original and from your company.  In fact, linking to someone else’s article can improve traffic on your site.

You don’t really have to be military in your methodology, but being efficient is important.  You don’t have to clog up your Facebook time by dealing with game requests from friends or tolerate people who post nonsense on your page.  You do have control and you should maintain that.

Finally, you should find help if you are being overwhelmed.  There are people who can help you and guide you.  You don’t have to be out there alone and scratching your head as you stare at an empty Facebook page.

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