SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS – 16 Lessons Learned by an Expert

Adrian Swinscoe is a consultant and he spends time working with businesses to help them find new ways to grow and expand.  He is also a paid public speaker and the author of the book RARE Business.  He is also a blogger and a guy who has spent a lot of time researching social media and its potential business applications.   

So, he has spent a lot of time coaching businesses big and small on the use of social media.  In an article he wrote earlier this year for the website, he discusses the 16 things he sees as the most important lessons he has learned while studying social media for business purposes.  The article itself goes into greater detail about what each lesson means and how it can be applied and to read the entire article click on this LINK

Here are the 16 things Swinscoe sees as important: 

  1. Define your goals to keep you on track
  2. We can be everywhere
  3. The internet has a long memory and is an echo chamber
  4. It doesn’t have to be expensive
  5. Don’t try and be everywhere
  6. Be helpful and contribute to others
  7. SEO is important but great content is more important
  8. This uses up a lot of time
  9. Get to know and learn from the players in your niche
  10. Spamming your readers = no traffic 
  11. Not everyone is going to like you  
  12. Do a little often   
  13. Find the niche forums for your interest or business
  14. It takes time, persistence, consistency and commitment to generate results 
  15. Anyone can do it, but NOT everyone ‘does’ it  
  16. Pick and keep refining your niche

These lessons can be applied to nearly every business of nearly every size.  They are also important whether you are considering going on Facebook or considering starting a blog.  Often people who enter the world of social media find themselves completely overwhelmed at the start.  So, they panic and then stop.  Really, if you take some time, take it slow, and find the areas of the social media world you think will work best for your business, it can be a tremendous success.

Of course, if you find you just are hopelessly lost, there are people out there who can help.  There are companies that you can hire who can help you find the right places to be and then shape your message for that medium.  You don’t have to do it all alone.

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