Social Media Update: The 30 Most Popular Facebook Pages

Nick Burcher is a guy who has a blog and writes about social media, the media in general and about advertising.  His latest article discusses the increase in usage and fandom when it comes to Facebook pages.  He indicates that Facebook’s switch from making everyone “Fans” of pages and just allowing them to “Like” pages has caused a vast  increase in fans of various pages.


To read Burcher’s complete article click HERE

Of course, what is interesting is which pages now have the most fans.  The biggest champion has to do with Texas Hold ‘Em Poker.  At the same time, the proliferation of the “Like” button has created fan pages for mundane things like “Music” or “Pizza.” 


Interestingly, Facebook itself comes in at the number two spot with 23,630,608 fans.  After that is recently-deceased pop star Michael Jackson with 22,430,514 fans.  Lady Gaga and the Fox cartoon Family Guy round out the top 5 with 21,336,449 and 19,903,117 fans respectively.


In the list compiled by Burcher, companies themselves do not show up on the list.  There are pages for celebrities, food and other social networking sites (YouTube) but nothing about companies who are using Facebook.


However, the list does show the importance of the “Like” button that Facebook has now created and has become common place on websites across the Internet and the globe.  “Like”  buttons can now be placed on individual blog entries, website pages and just about anything else you can post online. 


All of this goes to show you that the world of social media changes and changes rapidly.  Companies need to stay on top of those changes and maximize the new methodologies as fast as they can to stay ahead.  And if a company does not have the resources to do that on their own, they really need to find someone who can help them or they could get left behind.

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