The Back Story: Giving Small Business a Voice – Part Two

Elliot Richardson, president of Small Business Advocacy Council

The SBAC has a simple mission to and that is to improve the environment for small business across the country.  That means cutting through partisan biases and working towards a common goal to allow entrepreneurs to help themselves.  The SBAC fights for the small business owners anywhere they can.

Here are some of their recent successes:

  • One of their initiatives involves creating a healthcare cooperative that helps small businesses have healthcare options that are affordable for the business and for their employees.  They formed a “coalition of cooperatives” that included 19,000 supporters for many area chambers of commerce and other business-related organizations.  As a result of this work their small business healthcare program will be rolling out later in 2012.
  • Drafted and passed legislation on a goal for every state government to boost small businesses’ share of state contracts from 2.7% to 10%.

The point of the organization is to empower small businesses and provide a vehicle for them to have a voice.  Members believe that through the power of critical mass they can achieve great things and help bring down the overall cost of success.

The SBAC and its members work tirelessly on a variety of issues that affect small business and work to remove barriers that prevent small businesses from becoming successful.  Whether the work involves drafting legislation or bringing legal action, they have the resources and the will to get it done.  The end goal is to benefit small business everywhere.

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