The Beauty of Blogging: The Back Story

Kirsten Lambertsen of Kurator

Kirsten Lambertsen, Kuratur

Kirsten began her journey in entrepreneurship when the internet was just starting.   At that time she says it was so important to learn coding, to even participate.  Back in 1995, she taught herself HTML, although she was immediately pulled into the business and sales development, so she never quiet learned as much about coding as she would have liked.  When building the prototype for Kuratur, Kirsten believes instead of having to pay offshore people to complete the task of coding, had she pursued her education even further, she would have been capable of building the prototype herself.  She feels however, the knowledge she did gain back in 1995 instilled a sense of respect for her within the coding community.

In 1999, while Kirsten was trying to figure out what the next step for her would be, she chose to follow her passion and instead of a MBA, she founded BeautyRiot.  It proved to be the smart choice, as BeautyRiot became the first virtual beauty makeover website of its kind.  At the time Kirsten tells us that the internet was very much male dominated, with very limited appeal for women.  BeautyRiot broke a lot of ground by being the first on-line beauty website to offer celebrity hair galleries, and virtual makeovers.  She set the model for future start-ups in the beauty field.  In March 2009, Kirsten sold the now extremely successful BeautyRiot, and remained on the team for one year to ensure that the transition to its new owners was seamless.

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