The Beauty of Blogging: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

Kirsten Lambertsen of Kurator

Kirsten Lambertsen, Kuratur 

Kirsten Lambertsen brings with her 15 years of experience with internet start-ups.  In 1999, she founded and later sold a virtual beauty makeover website.  She is now the founder of Kuratur.  Kuratur lets anyone transform their favorite social media sources into a beautiful, custom, automated web magazine page in under ten minutes


The Quick Take

Best Advice: Build your network from day one!  It greases the wheels and removes a lot of friction when you have a network in place that is supportive of your mission.

Greatest Failure: Kirsten feels that by not understanding early on her career how important a network was to her success, she had to play catch up. She feels that having a network in place, is as important as doing a really good job.  Kirsten wishes when she first was interested in coding, she pursued that interest to give her a more substantial technical background.

Greatest Success: While Kirsten was at a crossroads in her life, she chose to found BeautyRiot, an online make-over site, as it was the first of its kind online.

What Makes Kirsten Crazy:  She has worked with a lot of different personalities in the past, so she can put up with just about anything in the business world!  However, Kirsten states that hatred and bigotry are what really drive her crazy.

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