The Beauty of Blogging : What We Can Learn from Her Side of the Desk

Kirsten Lambertsen of Kurator

Kirsten Lambertsen, Kuratur 

  • Tactics to Impress Business Accelerator Panels: Build your prototype first; it helps tremendously when making your pitch.  If you are not a coder yourself, have someone on board who can code.  Some accelerator programs don’t require a code because they focus on user experience, but it certainly gives you an edge over other organizations.
  • Internet of the Future: Closed or Open Environment? Keep in tune with what your government, lobbyists, and big businesses are working on with regard to internet rules and regulations.  The internet could remain an open environment or it could in a protective reflex, where copyrighting and content protection become paramount.
  • Learn Online: Do not allow lack of information or education stop you from doing what you love.  Take advantage of online education, as it opens up the world to everyone.
  • Become Code Knowledgeable:  Everyone should be familiar with the basics of programming.  If you are looking to start a new career or change careers, coding is the best place to be because many companies are starving for coders and programmers.

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