The Cream of the Crop: The Big Picture and the Quick Take

Shelly Herman (right) of Fresh Picks

Shelly Herman, Co –Founder, Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks

Shelly Herman and her husband Irv, founded Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Picks, a Chicago area local organic food supply company, delivering more healthy organic foods to your table in an easy and affordable way.

The Quick Take

Best Advice: Building great relationships with your employees and your suppliers creates a less stressful, more effective work environment.  Having respectful and meaningful relationships with suppliers ensures you have the very best product to give your customer.

Greatest Failure: Not communicating a clear message about their company.  Especially in this competitive market, you need to convey your core values.

Greatest Success: Developing the whole concept of this business is Shelly’s greatest success.  Through supporting local farmers, and building a local food system, she is fulfilling her dream of wanting to make a difference and in doing so, live a life that is more eco-friendly.

What Makes Shelly Crazy:  When people expect all Midwest organic produce in the middle of winter, only certain items are available.  We are working to better communicate that in the off-season we get some produce from outside the region.

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