The C’s to Effective Communication

When your company sends out a message to the press or the public, it is important to make sure that the message doesn’t get misconstrued. Your company can avoid misunderstandings by following the seven C’s of communication.

Credibility: First, tell the truth. Next, reach out to trustworthy and reliable social media, owned Man scratching his headmedia and news outlets. Then, your company should be able to provide the public and media access to knowledgeable spokespeople.

Context: When your company sends out news, it’s important that it coincides with the original company message. Contradiction in any communication causes confusion and makes your company look disorganized.

Content:  Make sure that the company message is relevant to its target audience. This is why it’s important to select and research a target audience before sending out information. The message will not spread if your audience doesn’t take an interest.

Clarity: Write any message to the press and the public as simple as possible. Try to stay away from professional jargon that the media and the audience won’t understand.

Continuity & consistency: Your communication with the press and the public can never stop. Your company should keep providing information for both groups and keep that information consistent with the history of your business’ communications. Evolution of information is natural, but complete makeovers in communication can be fatal.

Channels: There are many ways to communicate with the press and the public. It’s important that your company uses these various routes of communication to help the business reach its target audience. Events, social media, advertising, press releases and other communication tools all serve a purpose.

Capability of audience: The audience should not have to search endlessly to find the company’s message. The information will spread easier once the business provides the audience with a convenient way to get the message.

The press and the public receive communication from businesses all the time. Your company wants to stand out. The best way for your company to accomplish this is by making your messages clear, interactive and easily adoptable.

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