The Skinny on New Year’s Resolutions

With another successful holiday season coming to an end it’s time to make the traditional New Year’s Resolutions.  45% of us make them, but only 8% of us achieve our goals.  Here are a few pointers on how to keep personal and company goals on track:

Get Support: Week 1: the pounds start to fall off and your weight loss goal is on-track.  Week 4: Things start to plateau; don’t give up.  Join a support group that keeps you motivated and understands your frustrations.  Your company’s social media efforts need the same support.  Hire an expert who can steer your campaign in the right direction from start to finish.

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Get Organized: The holiday decorations are ready to be fired back into the attic.  Stop.  De-clutter to allow yourself less time decorating and more time enjoying next year’s holiday season.  Streamlining your company’s communications strategy will allow your key stakeholders to spend less time fretting about and more time reaping the benefits of a successful outreach plan.

Get Fit: Is the thought of getting up 30 minutes early to jump on the treadmill more than you can handle?  A workout regimen that is tailor-made to work around your schedule will prove to be a winner.  Keeping your company’s marketing plan on-track requires the same planning to coincide with your company’s business goals set forth for 2015.

Get Real: Falling off the wagon is to be expected, but setting unrealistic timelines will guarantee failure.  You didn’t pack on those winter 10 in one week or clutter your house in one month.  Be patient.  The benefits of a smart communications strategy will not happen overnight.  Success will come to those who stay the course.

Every New Year’s Resolution will hit a road-block, the rewards come to those who learn how to navigate those challenges; enlisting the help of an expert will ensure a successful outcome.

Wishing You All A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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