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Location: A small software company

The situation:  A small software company has a brand new product that is sure to put them right on the map, however, despite the fact that the new product is revolutionary, their website is a disaster.  Given the fact that most people will go to their website first when looking for information about their product, they are worried about the impression this makes and that it could actually hurt sales.  While the company is heavy with technical people capable of creating spectacular and revolutionary software, none of them are experts on websites.  The release date is approaching fast and they are worried.

The solution:  Using his superhuman senses, the Spotlight hears of the problems that the software company is having.  He immediately changes into his costume and his Ring of Truth and takes to the air.  Landing in the top executive’s office he immediately sits down at a computer and begins to re-design the website.

The first thing he does is create a website that is contemporary and up-to-date, using a platform that allows for easier access to people in the company to go in and make changes, eliminating the need to go through a webmaster for every change and reduce the time in which an update goes live.  The back-end of the new platform is easy and intuitive so that, even though the programmers at the company are not trained web designers, they can make the changes quickly and easily.

The Spotlight then quickly shows the gentlemen in charge of the website how to write content for the blog portion of the website, and make updates using Search Engine Optimization techniques that will improve their search engine rankings without “dinging” them for keyword stuffing.

In a matter of a few minutes, using his superhuman speed, the Spotlight creates a brand new website with a contemporary look and feel that the staff at the company can easily update.  Armed with the knowledge of SEO, the company’s site becomes their first major calling card to new customers and sales of their new software product soar, with most orders coming in through the website.  Their search engine rankings improve and they rocket to the top of Google and Yahoo searches.  They also engage their customers via a blog on the website, even doing test marketing and other tools via customer interaction that allows them to make even better and more popular software in the future.

The company also launches social media campaigns as they continue to develop and expand, allowing for even greater interaction with customers.  Soon, the company is no longer a small software company, but a large and important company in the highly competitive world of software development.  They are seen as visionaries in the technology field and their products are highly sought after.  The company is now expanding, but their website is capable of growing and developing along with them.

The Spotlight says:  When you are busy trying to run your company, it can be easy to skimp on a decent website.  However, given the fact that we live in a digital world, these days a website is more important than ever.  In fact, it is often your initial calling card and many potential customers base their entire decision on whether or not to use your company’s products and services based on your website.  Take the time to find the right platform, learn how to use SEO, and keep your site active and changing.  If you don’t have the resources to do that in-house, find someone to help!

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