The Spotlight – Episode Nine – Mixed Message Mash-Up

Spotlight RunningEPISODE NINE
The Spotlight
Mixed Message Mash-up

Location: A software company
The situation: A prominent software company releases a brand new product. They begin marketing the product as a major timesaver for businesses. However, while sales are decent, they are not the astronomical amounts the company had been hoping for. The software is a major step forward in business technology, but the market seems confused by the message, and unsure of why they should be buying this particular product when they already have products that do similar tasks.

The solution: The Spotlight, sensing the PR/marketing disturbance within the company and immediately dons his cape, mask, fedora, costume and Spotlight of Truth ring to leap into action. He is soon meeting with the heads of the major software company as well as their marketing people. Using his superhuman deduction and analytic skills he sees that their current marketing campaign is sending the wrong message. They are not properly emphasizing the right things about the new software or properly explaining why the world needs to buy this product. Yes, it is a time save, but how much time does it save? Why is that better than any of the other products or the earlier version of a similar product suite offered by the same company?

Using his keen marketing senses and superhuman ability to focus on the right message for the right product, the entire advertising and marketing campaign is changed. The Spotlight coaches the upper management on the key talking points to make when being interviewed so that the right message gets out. He then uses his amazing abilities to find the right press outlets to run feature stories about the new product to reach the right audience of people who will make the decision on whether or not businesses buy the product.

Before long, the company is bringing in customers and orders for the new software suite hand-over-fist. Their sales numbers climb and continue to climb and they, once again, regain their market dominance.

Spotlight Smiling smaller The Spotlight says: Just because your product is new isn’t enough of a story to make it sell to the press or to your potential customers. Make sure you are thinking like your potential customers. Ask yourself what it is about the new product that they would want to know and would make them want to buy? Then tailor your message towards that audience. The wrong message will hamper any product, no matter how great or revolutionary it is!

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