THE SPOTLIGHT: Episode Seven – Product Pushing Problem

The SpotLight Flying a

The Spotlight
Product Pushing Problem

Location: A small company with an innovative new product about to hit the market.

The situation: A small company has been working for years on a new product that is virtually guaranteed to be a smash hit. Now, the product is in the final stages of development and the company is about to move into production. The management within the company are mostly young entrepreneurs and they are so sure that the general public is waiting breathlessly for this new product that they are rushing to put the product on the market. What they have not done, however, is spent some time creating a formal marketing and PR plan. Some talk has been given to social media and maybe buying ads, but nothing has been written, planned out or made official.

The one veteran amidst the top brass of the company knows that they are overlooking a key component of their new business and this new product. He quickly picks up the phone and calls a secret number that reaches the ears of The Spotlight.

The solution: The Spotlight reacts with superhuman speed and superhuman strength, flying through the air and landing inside the offices of the new company. Using his ring, which bears the Spotlight of Truth, he shines the bright light of Proper PR planning into the faces of the workers, halting production and freezing the upper management in its tracks.

Using his best-business practice might The Spotlight shows them that no company should venture into production or start offering services without some kind of marketing or PR plan in place. He sits down with management and using his mighty brain filled with PR and marketing knowledge, outlines a company-wide PR and marketing plan.

He uses his amazing media relations skills to get the company and its new product in front of the media before the product goes into full production, thus generation pre-production buzz. He uses his skills to start an effective social media campaign that combines Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a company blog. Soon the company has thousands of “likes” of Facebook and thousands more following them on Twitter, all trying to find out more information about the product.

The Spotlight uses his amazing PR powers to stage a huge launch party. The media attends and covers the spectacle. When the product hits the market, the PR and marketing campaign has been so successful that they sell out in a matter of days and orders begin to pile up. The company is soon bringing in more money than they ever thought possible and are already looking down the road for product updates.

Spotlight Angry - smaller
The Spotlight says: Young companies sometimes are so eager to get their product to market, that they forget to prepare a proper road map to guide them. You can spend all of the money and resources you want developing a product that everyone will want, but if you forget to plot out your course when it comes to PR and marketing, you could be dressed up with nowhere to go. Be sure to make PR and marketing each of your products and services an integral part of your business plan and your daily business activities. And if you can’t do it internally, get help!

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