The Spotlight – Episode Ten! – The World’s Only PR Superhero

From September 19, 2011

Stuttering Speaker Situation

Location: A small company trying to reach bigger clients

The situation: A small company has some great products and a chance to expand their business venture, increase their customer base and reach new people. One of the ways they have found brings the best results is when their CEO does speaking engagements at various trade shows. He has managed to get through a few of them, but each one seems to be making him more nervous. He is not a natural public speaker, and often stutters, stammers and forgets his train of thought. With each speaking engagement, his confidence is shaken and he is starting to retreat from speaking engagements, hiding in his office, and not continuing to be the public face of the company. The public seems to like what he has to say, when he can say it, but his lack of speaking skills is becoming a hindrance.

The solution: The Spotlight, in his guise as a lowly PR firm employee, attends one of the speaking engagements. The CEO seems flustered, unfocused, exceptionally nervous and showing a seeming lack of confidence in himself, his company and his product. Sensing that something is wrong, he hides in a closet, only to emerge in full costume as The Spotlight!

Using his amazing superhuman PR abilities he takes the CEO aside and begins to coach him. He instructs him on how to rehearse his presentation and talking points until they are second-hand, almost natural. He then coaches him on how to prep for a speech, how to know his presentation inside and out. He then teaches the rest of the small company how to coach and guide the CEO by asking him test questions or being a rehearsal audience for him. The Spotlight also gives the CEO breathing techniques and visualization techniques to help him with his nervousness and to turn that nervous energy into excited energy from which the audience will feed.

Before long the CEO is making speeches and presentations across the country. He is interviewed on local television and radio stations across the country. In a matter of weeks he seems like an old hand at public speaking and is perceived as confident, funny, intelligent and knowledgeable on his company and the industry. He is soon sought after regularly as a speaker for a variety of occasions and, meanwhile, his company’s name and product become recognized and flourish.

From September 19, 2011

The Spotlight says: One of the best ways to promote yourself and your product and company is with speaking engagements. However, not everyone is a natural public speaker. In fact, public speaking is tops on the list of people’s worst fears. So, if it’s possible, find someone in your company that is a natural at public speaking. However, if your options are limited, you can train yourself to become a public speaker. Know your topic inside and out and you will be ready for any question. Don’t be afraid to tell someone you don’t know an answer, but will get back to them. Rehearse what you are going to say until you know it so well, it is as natural as speaking in a private conversation. It’s OK to be nervous, but find a way to turn nervousness into an appearance of confidence.

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