THE SPOTLIGHT – Episode Three – Episode of the Enveloped Editor!

The SpotLight Flying a


The Spotlight


Episode of the Enveloped Editor

Location: A major metropolitan city near you

The situation: Late at night, while in his secret identity as a mild-mannered PR company employee, the Spotlight hears the cries of not one, but two people in desperate need of PR help.  One is a newspaper editor, buried in press releases, story pitches and follow up emails and phone calls, all from the same PR firm and the same PR representatives.  He is so flooded that he cannot possibly keep up and is getting angry at the constant barrage.  At the same time, The Spotlight hears the cries of the company represented by the evil PR firm.  He’s paying lots of money and getting no coverage from the press and his business is suffering.  As the Spotlight leaps into action he discovers his old enemy, Damian Detritus, an evil PR-minion, at work again.  Can the Spotlight stop the wave of useless press releases to save both the editor AND the business losing money?

Damian Super Villain Standing Position 1 - smaller

The solution: With herculean effort the Spotlight uses his powers of Good PR to stop the wave of press releases, emails and phone calls.  Using his powerful Spotlight of Truth he focuses on the actual news buried within the endless useless press releases highlighting corporate mergers, new hirings and product announcements, to find the real story behind it.  It turns out, the company is doing well in a particularly tough industry and is actually expanding its list of products, services and is hiring more people.  Using his Spotlight of Truth he finds the kernel of news that appeals to the editor who, it turns out, was looking for an uplifting business story to feature in its Sunday Business section.


Damian Detritus is defeated, hurling curses at the Spotlight for, once again, showing that bad PR can be as dangerous, if not more so, than no PR at all.  The villain is quickly defeated and returns to his secret lair, promising that he will eventually find a way to defeat the Spotlight and his Good PR powers once and for all.

Spotlight Angry - smaller

The Spotlight says: Many companies, and more than a few PR firms, believe that becoming a press release factory is the best way to get consistent coverage and attention.  However, flooding the local press with press release after press release and relentless follow ups is the surest way to sour your relationship with the press and end up ignored.  Instead, take the time to find the real news in your announcements and use that to appeal to their editorial sensibilities.  You could end up with a much longer, deeper, richer story in the long run.


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