THE SPOTLIGHT – Episode Four! – The Spotlight Tackles Social Media

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The Spotlight


Sad-Sack Social Media

Location: The internet

The situation:  A company has started a social media campaign.  After doing the research, determining which avenue was the best, they went out, signed up, and created a profile.  Then, they began doing some postings.  However, the day-to-day activities of running a business soon took over and the employees quickly abandoned the social media campaign.  Now, their profiles, blogs and pages sit empty, without any new content for months.

The solution:  The Spotlight, using his keenly honed senses of Good PR receives a telepathic message about the situation from his Spotlight of Truth, symbolized as a ring on his right hand, and leaps into action.

Arriving at the company headquarters he surprises the overwhelmed and overworked employees.  Working with blinding speed he quickly assigns the social media duties to one employee whose plate is lighter than the others.  Turning his bright Spotlight of Truth on the company he quickly fills the social media pages with interesting articles, dynamic and exciting photos of the employees, the company and their activities within the community.  He quickly finds proper places to leave comments on relevant blogs.  Working with a speed beyond human eyes to see, the Spotlight quickly turns the company social media profiles into exciting pages complete with a Facebook landing page, giveaways, video and photos.

Soon, the Friend Counter rockets upwards at a blistering pace and the Wall comes alive with lively and interesting debate on key topics and trends.  Then, with his sharp mind he sets a reasonable schedule for employees at the company to update the page and even sets aside a day for the CEO to interact directly by answering questions posed by customers to their Facebook page.  In the blink of an eye the Spotlight, using his Spotlight of Truth and amazing powers of Good PR, has turned their social media efforts from a desert to a lush garden of good publicity and marketing.

Spotlight Smiling smallerThe Spotlight says:  Remember that creating a social media profile or blog and then not using it is as bad, if not worse, than not creating one at all.  Social media puts a face and a person behind the company, and customers respond to it.  So, before you jump into social media, make sure you have a plan.  Make sure you have the time and resources to keep your profile active and interesting.  If you do, you’ll see the people who may become your future customers or clients come back for more!

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