THE SPOTLIGHT – Episode Two – The Spotlight Helps a Beleaguered Store Owner

The Spotlight Standing Up Straight


The Spotlight


The Steamrolled Store Owner

 Location:  Late night, the city.

The situation:  Late at night the Spotlight hears the cries of an overwhelmed small retail store owner.  He’s getting buried by the competition, so swamped and overwhelmed with running his business day-to-day, he thinks he has no time for public relations or marketing to make his business well known.  He has customers, but he needs more to truly succeed.  What is he to do?  He yells for help into the night, having spent the last four weeks without any sleep!


The solution: Leaping into action, the Spotlight once again dons his Spotlight of Truth, which gives him the power of good PR and comes to the aide of the steamrolled store owner.  Using his powers of persuasion he convinces the store owner that there is always time for PR, as long as you take the time to find the right method and team.  By breaking the situation down into easy-to-handle segments, this store owner can manage a PR plan that will spread the word about his company without overwhelming him or taking away from his day-to-day duties as a manager.

The Spotlight uses his Spotlight of Truth to show that a simple social marketing plan involving a Facebook page filled with photos of the local merchant’s products, coupled with special discounts exclusively for Facebook fans generates tremendous word-of-mouth buzz.  The social media plan also includes a blog where the store owner writes about his business, special deals and links to stories about his products around the web.  To help out, the store owner provides an internship for his nephew during the summer to manage the online efforts.  The online effort draws the attention of a local newspaper and, as sales increase, a direct mail campaign is started.   Before long, the local store owner has more customers than he has space, and an expansion is considered.


Spotlight Bemused small

The Spotlight says: Forgoing a public relations or marketing campaign is a sure way for a small business to fail.  Managing a business full time is a lot of effort, but by doing a little bit each day in a marketing or PR campaign, you can reap great rewards.  By breaking down the efforts into pieces that are easy to manage, you can still get ahead of your competition, no matter how big they are!

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