The Spotlight Returns! Episode Thirteen!


The Spotlight


Super-PR Firm Shuffle Syndrome


Location: A medium-sized business with a strong online retail presence.


The situation:  A small retail company has signed up with a major PR firm, run by the evil Damian Detritus, and are paying large amounts of money every month.  However, they are getting the runaround from the large company because they are so small. As such, they often have different account managers from month-to-month and their public relations plan changes with each new person.  They have trouble getting their account managers on the phone and find they are unable to move forward much with their current PR plan because the major PR firm simply finds them too small to worry about.  They feel they are throwing away good money for little in the way of results.


The solution:  The Spotlight hears about the problem and quickly puts on his costume and Ring of Truth.  Flying through the air he crashes through the window of the Major PR Firm, once again shining the Spotlight of Truth on Damian Detritus, stopping him in his tracks.  Exposing their fiendish plot, he redirects the smaller company to a smaller PR firm, more capable of working with them, growing with them, and adapting their PR plan to meet their needs at a moment’s notice.


The smaller firm is better able to handle the needs of the smaller company, assisting them in creating a truly customized public relations and marketing plan.  In addition, they are able to by on stand-by for any big release or press event in which the company engages.


The company quickly gains ground, finding press coverage in smaller newspapers, that builds momentum and name-recognition.  Eventually, larger and larger media outlets come to them for information and story input.  Consequently, their brand and company becomes top-of-mind and their sales phones begin to ring off the hook.


The Spotlight advises and guides the company, answering the questions they have about what to ask their new PR firm and confirming which tactics are the correct ones.  He ensures that they are receiving personalized care from the smaller agency.  Satisfied that they are, now, in good hands who will be able to meet their PR and marketing needs, the Spotlight flies off into the night, once again having proved that good PR doesn’t necessarily come with the size of the agency.

The Spotlight says:
Just because a PR firm seems big and impressive, doesn’t necessarily mean they have the tools and abilities that are right for your company.  Sometimes a mid-sized or smaller firm is more agile, and more willing to work with a company, especially entrepreneurial endeavors.  They are more able to adapt to the fluid nature of a smaller, growing company and are more able to devote time and talent to the needs of the company.  Sometimes a smaller company, in the clutches of a larger firm, can get lost in the shuffle.

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