The Tale of the Dueling Ks: The Big Picture and The Quick Take

Kate Koziol, President, K Squared Communications

Kate Koziol was beaten (at Scrabble) repeatedly as a young child, so after she memorized a few zillion words, she needed somewhere to use them.  She founded K Squared Communications to help companies by communicating to the right audiences in the best way at the perfect time.


The Quick Take:

Best Advice: Tell the truth.  You can tell it in the most favorable light, but stick with the truth, it’s much less messy.

Greatest Failure: Not curing IgA Nephropathy, an orphan autoimmune disease for which the K Squared Summit fundraiser supported research for many years.

Greatest Success: Starting in a broom closet-sized office and eventually creating a company that has been honored at The White House, has traveled the globe for clients and has maintained helping people and having fun as key priorities.  That, and two magnificent offspring.

What Makes You Crazy?  Grabbers.  Those people that dart to the front of the line of traffic, that make profits at the detriment of others or that don’t lend a hand when they can.

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