The Tale of the Dueling Ks: What we can learn from her side of the desk

Kate Koziol of K Squared Communications

Kate Koziol of K Squared Communications

Kate Koziol, President, K Squared Communications

Tell the story.  Whether it is a presentation, a business pitch or a press release, what is the point you want to get across?  Using a story can help the audience have a hook that they can use to remember the message.

Work and play well with others.  This just makes life easier for all parties and life is too short to be, or to associate with, pains in the neck.

Monitor and manage your reputation.  Online news travels fast so be sure to listen for what is being said about you and your company and address issues quickly.

Pictures speak louder than words.  You are the message before you speak so consider what you wear, what your offices look like, what your printed or online materials look like and make sure it represents you as the polished professional that you are.

F before W.  Keep Family and Friends before Work.  Work/life balance immediately implies work is first.  Start to consider it as life/work balance.

Work with Integrity.  Your reputation is priceless, so guard it and work in a honorable fashion in which would make your mother proud.

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