THE SPOTLIGHT – Episode One – Barrage in a Besmirched Burg

Spotlight Running


The Spotlight


Barrage in a Besmirched Burg

Location: a major metropolis


The situation: Recent developments have put a major metropolitan city into the harsh glare of worldwide news, portraying it as a city that is dangerous, risky and not a place for tourists.  The problem is that much of the city’s income derives from tourism dollars.  The citizens cry for help as the bad PR wave rolls over the city streets bringing despair in its wake.  Even though the city has settled now and things are back to normal, the bad PR wave continues to wash away tourists.  Who can save them?


The solution:  Using the powers of Good PR, the Spotlight leaps into action, flying across the miles to the besmirched city.  Using his amazing PR abilities and his powerful Spotlight of Truth, he shines a light on the true situation within the struggling city.  Showcasing the good parts of the city he begins to use his amazing PR Powers to get press coverage showing the city as it recovers from the recent troubles.  With his mighty powers of persuasion and outstanding organizational skills he organizes a press trip of leading industry publications to showcase the city in a favorable light.

Using his infinite patience and relentless pursuit of the truth, the Spotlight slowly turns back the relentless tide of negative energy.  Using images, stories, first-hand accounts of activities on the ground, social media and every weapon in his arsenal, he puts out the true story that the city is safe, clean and ready once again for tourists.

Eventually, through his constant promotion of the truth and proper handling of the negative, the tourists return.  Eventually, the citizens once again hold their head up high and welcome the tourists from around the globe with open arms and the tourist dollars return.  The power of true, positive PR turns the tide and saves the day again!

Spotlight Smiling smaller

The Spotlight says: Don’t be afraid of the negative publicity, use it as an opportunity to turn it into something good.  If you continue to be positive, promote the good and provide solutions for the bad, you too can turn a bad situation into a positive one.  Remember, good PR starts with a positive attitude!

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