Tips to Favorably Stand Out in the Crowd

Get Noticed Get Rich book cover FINALEverything you do in business sends a message because communication is much more than just words on a screen.  What your offices look like, the organizations with whom you associate, where you are found online, it all matters.  The best practices outlined in our recently published e-book, Get Noticed, Get Rich: Business Building Communications Tactics include media relations tactics, assessing your online presence, best uses for video and using social media for business.  Here are a couple of highlights from the book:

Written:  If the press is not covering your story, it may be that you have not given them anything interesting to write about.  Give them something positive to write about and you will both be happy.

Heard: From video to public speaking, every audio communication that your company transmits tells a story.  This is not the time to ad lib; preparing a script or bullets list will ensure your audience is engaged and walks away having learned something valuable about your company.  Have stage-fright?  Work with a communications expert who can help you harness those butterflies.

Seen: Flying off the handle because of a bad call may have worked for John McEnroe, but is not recommended.  Take a deep breath.  Assess the situation.  Handling a crisis takes patience and good communication skills.  When the ball is in your court and the situation is handled just right, your company wins.  Game.  Set.  Match.

A strong communications strategy keeps your company’s message front and center and builds strong internal and external relationships.  If you are still the best kept secret, it is time to get a communications expert on your team to bring out the spotlight.

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