YouTube Makes Changes – And They’re Good for Business

YouTube has always been a bit of a strange phenomenon in the world of social media and on the internet.  For many of you, when you hear the term “YouTube” you probably think of people posting weird videos of their friends doing bizarre stunts with shopping carts, cute baby and kitten videos, or other nonsensical and unnecessary things.

For some time now businesses have been trying to use YouTube for their business purposes.  The potential is huge.  You have heard of so many people who became huge celebrities just because their YouTube video went viral.  You know the fame of “David After Dentist” and how that turned a kid who just had dental work and his dad into major online celebrities.  If you, as a business owner or social media manager, could tap into some of that potential audience, it would be huge.  In fact, if you could tap into the flow of YouTube viewers on a regular basis, it would become like having your own private TV station right in your business.  How fantastic would that be?

The problem has always been, how do you cut through the clutter?  Your video is about your business, which is fine, and what it should be, but how does your business video stand out from the cute kitten video that everyone is talking about in the office?  It seems like such a daunting task.  Well, YouTube has now made some changes to itself that have made that much easier for you.

The new design looks a lot like the Facebook News Feed that you are probably familiar with.  Basically YouTube is trying to make their service even more social.  So, they are encouraging people to subscribe to each other’s YouTube Channels.  Thus, when you now visit your YouTube site, instead of seeing the popular video of some monkey doing something crazy at a zoo, you see the most recent videos from those you subscribe to.

This article from outlines some of these details:

As the author of that article suggests, this gives your videos a fighting chance of being seen.  Since now your video will appear on your subscriber’s feeds.  When they view the video it can then spread to their subscribers and so forth and so on, much the same way the NewsFeed currently works on Facebook.  See?  It gives your business videos a fighting chance to cut through the clutter and reach your potential audience.

As the article points out, there are a number of things you should probably do to your YouTube channel and I do recommend that you do them.  You may also want to start posting videos to your YouTube channel a bit more often.  Finally, you should probably spend some time searching YouTube to find your potential audience and become subscribers of some of their channels.  While not every one of them will become a subscriber in turn, more than a few of them will.

Your videos will probably not end up becoming as virally epic as some of the stranger videos you see on YouTube (unless your business IS crashing shopping carts into each other or selling B-roll footage of monkeys at the zoo doing strange things), but these new changes give the possibilty of a smaller, more targeted, and more effective viral campaign.

It’s another tool to have in your Social Media Toolbox.

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