The Science of Success: What We Can Learn from His Side of the Desk

Philip Cable of American Science & Surplus

Philip Cable of American Science & Surplus

Know your customer:  Philip knows which groups of buyers prefer monthly or annual mailings, how recently they ordered and how much they spent and uses that data to keep and grow his customer base.

Don’t discount “old” tactics:  The catalog seems to cut through the online clutter and reach some customers how they want to be reached. While some catalog customers order via the website, they still want a paper copy to browse.

Study competitors and best practices:  Don’t reinvent the wheel – try to improve on what your competitors do.  Philip went back to get his MBA to learn best business practices and get a jump on his competitors.

Pricing is only going to get tougher:  The marketplace continues to change and pricing in the retail world is only become more efficient – it’s now easy for a consumer to price check 20 vendors on any product.  Smaller, lower volume retailers are going to have it tough to compete.

Selling strange, not readily available products helps American Science & Surplus avoid some of the competition.

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