“K Squared Summit” to Promote Research on Immune-related Kidney Disease

CHICAGO, May 17, 2005 – As Immune diseases quietly moved up in rank as one of the nation’s most widespread afflictions, impacting one in every five Americans, K Squared Communications today announced a not-so-quiet effort to fight the disease – the K Squared Summit.


The K Squared Summit, an all-day event to be conducted at multiple locations in Chicago on May 26, will raise money for research on IgA Nephropathy, an immune disease that inhibits the filtering of the kidneys in the human body.  The summit is a “fun-raising” event, basing a business networking event around a baseball game and all of it to benefit a charity.


Last year’s summit raised $10,000, which was used, in conjunction with Children’s Memorial Hospital here, to launch the first national pediatric database of information on pediatric IgA Nephropathy, also known as IgAN.


“Researchers will now have unprecedented resources on IgAN at their fingertips in the form of a comprehensive, cohesive database,” said Kate Koziol, president of K Squared Communications, an award-winning, Chicago-based marketing and branding interest.  “We’re proud of last year’s success and anticipate exceeding last year’s contribution numbers.”


“Immunoglobulin A,” IgA nephropathy is a kidney disorder caused by unnecessary deposits of a protein inside the filters within the kidney.  This chronic disease may progress over a period of 10 to 20 years, and could lead to end-stage renal disease, tantamount to dialysis or transplant.








The K-squared Summit, now in its sixth year, comprises attendance in a reserved section of Wrigley Field for the Cubs-Rockies game on May 26, pre-game and post-game receptions, silent auctions and raffles.  Participation has doubled over the last
three years – and Koziol anticipates that 600 will attend this year’s summit.  For information on attendance or sponsorship, please contact Kate Koziol at 773 774 7847 or visit http://fusionmarketingpr.com/pages/events.html



About K Squared

K Squared Communications is a Chicago-based marketing and public relations firm specializing in promoting Chicago-area businesses and travel industry businesses in Chicago and nationwide.  K Squared Communications is an award winning organization that was founded in 1997.  More information about K Squared is available at www.ksqrd.com and www.fusionmarketingpr.com or by calling 773 774 7847.


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