2006 – Another Incredible Year for Benefit Express!

Arlington Heights, Illinois – February 13, 2007  — Benefit Express, a company noted for its ability to outsource and administer Human Resource solutions, including a wide range of benefit administration activities, is proud to add year 2006 to the company’s string of successful growth  years. 


Benefit Express met and surpassed expectations in 2006. .  The year marked the fifth consecutive pattern of growth and positive change.  In addition to providing excellent customer service to existing clients, the company increased sales by broadening the scope of services for current clients while also acquiring twice as many new clients.  The online enrollment service offering continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.


To support the commitment to providing excellent client service, the company once again substantially increased its headquarters staff throughout the year.  In 2006 Benefit Express expanded the office and moved into additional offices in the Arlington Heights, Illinois office complex.  Plans for further office expansion are also already in process.


“I think 2007 will be our best year yet and I expect opportunities for continued growth for the company and for our employees,” said Maria Bradley, president and managing director of Benefit Express.  “There will be challenges, but I am confident that Benefit Express has the expertise and resources necessary to meet the demands of a growing and ever-changing business.” 



About Benefit Express:

Benefit Express focuses on solutions for the administration of Human Resources/benefits programs. With the company’s My Benefit ExpressTM self-service platform, clients have direct access to customized content delivery, enrollment assistance, employee benefit education tools, transactional administrative processing/tracking, carrier billing reconciliation, vendor data-links and detailed HR reporting.”

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