A New Way for Travelers and Agencies to Shop and Book Hotels

tripBam logoDallas, Texas – July 31, 2013 – Shopping for a hotel has become increasingly complex due to multiple booking sites, rate rules, corporate policies and more.  This complexity results in buyer confusion, frustration, and lost savings.

tripBAM™ solves this problem by providing a cloud-based, fully automated service where travelers can create personal hotel clusters for ongoing daily rate monitoring.  As prices drop across this cluster, reservations can be automatically canceled and re-booked after traveler approval.  In addition, tripBAM has access to agency discounts providing rates that are better than the major online agencies and enables hotels to privately bid on individual hotel stays.  tripBAM provides travelers and corporations hotel rate assurance as well as the opportunity to save money while booking fully flexible rates.

Travel agencies have been testing the tripBAM tool and several agencies are providing an agency-branded, fully integrated, tripBAM site for their corporate travelers.  Corporations have also been part of the test population and are considering tripBAM as a cost savings tool as well as a channel to support the open booking trend.

Over the past year, tripBAM has processed thousands of searches across hundreds of cities and thousands of hotels.  After extensive analysis, the company has determined that significant savings can be achieved by traveler’s creating personal clusters and daily monitoring.  By using these methods, the average traveler will find savings of more than $100 on over 50% of their hotel bookings.

“Travelers and agencies are amazed at how well the system works and always surprised at the savings” said Steve Reynolds, president of tripBAM.  “By taking a completely different approach, we provide travelers hotel rate assurance and savings while increasing transparency and rate flexibility.  The opposite of what travelers find at the larger online travel sites.”

About  tripBAM™

tripBAM™ is an innovative online hotel shopping solution which provides the transparency and flexibility travelers demand.  tripBAM customers include travel agencies, corporations and travelers.   For more information about the service, go to www.tripbam.com or contact Steve Reynolds at Steve.Reynolds@tripBAM.com or at 214-363-9630.



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