Air Fulfillment Services Revolutionizes Group Tracking Ability:First customer to use Cornerstone’s iBank to Integrate Reservation Records with FlightStats’ Real-Time Itinerary Monitoring System

Des Moines, Iowa, – September 26, 2006: Air Fulfillment Services (AFS) manages reservations for thousands of air travel passengers so even slight flight delays can mean big problems.  To best serve their clients, many of whom are VIPs and top producers for the Fortune 500, AFS needed access to the most complete up-to-the-minute flight status information on a global scale.  FlightStats tracks virtually every scheduled flight in the world in real-time from hundreds of different sources including the FAA, as well as airline, airport, global distribution systems and the like.  FlightStats did not have a cost and time-effective way to communicate all relevant real-time data directly to Air Fulfillment Services until they found Cornerstone’s iBank Data Warehouse capabilities.  Using iBank to push AFS itineraries into the FlightStats itinerary monitoring system, AFS is able to track every attendee, every flight, every connection, anywhere in the world in real-time from a single console.


“We’re expecting to save 80% in productivity costs by having immediate access to complete flight status data and real-time itinerary monitoring.  This gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to be proactive,” said Yvonne Long, senior vice president of Air Fulfillment Services.  “Two years ago during the New York City blackout, our clients were on flights that had pushed back from the gate – so their flights were shown as departed – if we had access to FlightStats data then, we would have known that certain flights were actually still on the tarmac. With this new system we will know where all our attendees are, all the time.”  The program is currently in beta test and will roll out later this year.


Logistics make or break the group air travel business.  With thousands of travelers leaving from hundreds of departure airports there are countless delays and diversions that can disrupt an entire event.  Since AFS works extensively in the incentive and meetings sector, delays can ruin transfer arrangements, welcome receptions, or opening ceremonies. With ever increasing travel risks such as Avian Flu or a hurricane-changing course, AFS needs the up-to-the-minute information to know where attendees are, and be able to proactively assist them as needed.


“Real-time traveler tracking is a critical business activity that is required to minimize risk and reduce costs,” said Meara McLaughlin, FlightStats VP of Business Development.  “This innovative collaboration with Cornerstone provides new, high-value solutions through the integration of technology.”


“iBank could be considered the ‘Switzerland’ of data exchange.  We can upload nearly any data, convert it to set specifications, and download it within seconds.  This has widespread application across the increasingly complex travel industry that can save our clients’ time and add value,” said Mat Orrego, president of Cornerstone.  “We are working with a range of clients to deliver new capabilities and new levels of information.”



About Air Fulfillment Services

Air Fulfillment Services (AFS) are specialists in group air planning, purchasing, reservations and information management.  AFS works in partnership with meeting planners, event organizers and sponsors to handle the end-to-end details of the air procurement and reservation process including the negotiation of airline contracts, blocked space, and private charters.  Their dedicated air professionals use technology and know-how to ensure participant’s satisfaction and convenience.  More information about AFS is available at (770) 410 1247.



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