ATAA Announces Winners of Scholarships to The Travel Institute’s National Forum

Phoenix, AZ – July 27, 2005:  The Association of Travel Agents of America (ATAA) just announced nine scholarship winners to The Travel Institute’s National Forum, at their recent ATAA Nuts & Bolts Conference.  The scholarship includes full conference registration fees.  The winners of the scholarships are:

  • Betty Cox – Travel Concepts, Fountain Valley, California
  • Annette Turner – Art of Travel, Pensacola, Florida
  • Linda Twogood – Allegro Travel, Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Monika Leuenberger – Avenues of the World, Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Dori Lerua – The Cruise Place, Tucson, Arizona
  • Peter Ward – The Cruise Place, San Diego, California
  • Tom Galbraith – The Cruise Place, Kansas City, Kansas
  • Lauri Cline – TQ3 Navigant Vacations, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Troy Flagg – Premier Travel, Park City, Utah


“ATAA is proud to sponsor scholarships to The Travel Institute’s National Forum,” said Scott Caddow president of ATAA’s board of directors.  “These scholarships provide an opportunity for these travel professionals to further educate themselves and polish their skills, while also providing an opportunity for organizations such as ATAA and The Travel Institute to work together to encourage professional growth.”


“We are so pleased to have ATAA sponsor scholarships to The National Forum,” said Maureen Kennedy, executive vice president & general manager for The Travel Institute.  “The Travel Institute, ATAA and many other leading travel industry associations and companies are able to come together at The Forum for meaningful discussion as well all work together to benefit the industry as a whole.”


About ATAA

The Association of Travel Agents of America is a professional association that provides leadership in the travel sellers industry by empowering, strengthening, educating and supporting its members.  Founded in 1983 as a regional organization, ATAA has significant membership in the western US and is growing to serve travel sellers nationwide by providing education and training tools to help members be more successful.  More information about ATAA is available at, via email at  or by calling (888) 550-1195.


About The Travel Institute

Established in 1964, The Travel Institute serves as a community of knowledge and standards for all travel professionals.  Through innovative education programs, professional certifications and customized learning solutions, The Institute fulfills its ecumenical non-profit mission to promote a standard of industry knowledge and excellence.  For more information about The Travel Institute, visit or call (800) 542-4282.



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