ATAA Launches Executive Series Seminar for Agency Owners and Managers:Intensive Weekend Retreat to Establish Vital New Skills


Phoenix, AZ – December 5, 2006:  The Association of Travel Agents of America (ATAA) is thrilled to announce their Executive Series seminar that will take place at Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn & Suites in San Diego, CA on February 9th-11th, 2007.  The intensive seminar, “Future-Proof Your Agency,” is open to both ATAA members and non-members, but this opportunity is limited to only 30 individual owners and managers on a first come, first serve basis.


As the travel agency business-model is shifting from Sales to Professional Consulting, ATAA aims to help agencies gather and perfect the skills that are crucial to successfully launching this new model.  Nolan Burris of Visionistics will be exploring the many current issues in travel as well as presenting strategies that can be immediately implemented in any agency.  Some of the current issues and topics of the seminar will include:


  • Industry Challenges and Opportunities
  • Tapping into the Most In-Demand Revenue-Producing Service
  • Making the Transition Toward Professional Consulting
  • Creating a Rock-Solid Professional Fee Strategy
  • Calculating Profitable Fees that Work for YOUR Agency
  • Scripts and Techniques to Help Front-line Agents Sell Fees
  • Consulting Strategy Issues:  Staffing, Compensation, Operations and Marketing
  • The Corporate/Leisure Connection and Opportunities


“ATAA seeks to provide agents with up-to-date information and training that will greatly impact their bottom line and better serve their client-base,” explains Scott Caddow, president of ATAA.  “The Executive Series seminar is intended to give agency owners and managers the tools they need to run a fresh, successful agency that can withstand any new pressures and concerns right now and in the future.”


Registration and further information on this event, including pricing and a full schedule, is available online at  For questions about ATAA call (888) 550-1195.


About ATAA

The Association of Travel Agents of America has one singular goal: Teaching Travel Agents to Succeed.  ATAA exists to help travel agents be more profitable and more aware of important changes in our industry.  This is accomplished by utilizing experts from inside and outside of the travel industry to deliver educational events in person and over the web.  Founded in 1983 as a regional organization, ATAA has significant membership in the western US and is growing to serve travel sellers nationwide.  More information about ATAA is available at, via email at  or by calling (888) 550 1195.



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