Atlas Addresses Global Climate Change Issue with ecoAtlas Program:Travelers to Choose Carbon Offsets to Neutralize Environmental Impact

MILFORD, MA — December 17, 2007 —Travel-related greenhouse gas emissions are a recognized contributor to global warming and are expected to grow by 75% over the next 10 years unless positive actions are put in place.  To help combat this trend, Atlas Travel International just launched their ecoAtlas program to help neutralize this impact.  Under the new program, Atlas has partnered with NativeEnergy Travel Offsets to provide Atlas customers with a valuable, cost effective option to offset travel-generated carbon emissions.


“We see this as a way to help clients travel responsibly while also contributing to the overall health of the planet,” said Elaine Osgood, president of Atlas Travel International.  “Making responsible corporate decisions is important to Atlas as a company and to our customers.  Corporations are requesting these kinds of programs and NativeEnergy helps us make an important contribution to the solution.”

To determine a trip’s global impact, as well as the cost to neutralize it, customers enter their departure and arrival city or the number of miles flown annually to see the total amount of carbon generated from their travel using NativeEnergy’s CO2 Emissions Calculator.  Atlas customers are able to pay for the offset one trip at a time or in a lump sum once a year.

Click here for the CO2 Emissions Calculator


“Large corporations throughout the world are becoming increasingly aware of the effects of extreme global warming and a major percentage of the carbon emissions generated by many corporations relates to corporate travel, especially air travel,” explained Richard Edwards, Partner of NativeEnergy Travel Offsets.  “Atlas has taken a stand by contributing to our renewable energy projects and reaching out to their many prestigious corporate clients to help them easily join in the partnership to build even more momentum and investment in renewable energy.”


Through Atlas and NativeEnergy Travel Offsets, customers can help harness wind energy or energy from methane.  Both methods help counteract the impact of carbon dioxide and help slow global warming.  This offering is part of Atlas’ overall mission to remain eco-friendly in ways that include using their proprietary invoicing system to reduce paper waste, supporting a fully digital office and extensive telecommuting of employees.


“With each passing day, more and more global consumers base their buying decisions on whether they feel that a company is doing all that it can to lessen its impact on the environment,” said Mr. Edwards.  “Given the choice between a company who is actively moving to reduce their environmental impact and one that is slow to adopt apparent environmental and climate strategies, consumers are making the choice to go green.”


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About Atlas Travel International

Celebrating more than 20 years in business, Atlas Travel International serves more than 500 corporations and more than 15,000 vacation travelers.  Atlas is honored as a leading business in New England and a leader in the travel industry.  Founder Elaine Osgood was named the 2006 New England Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Additionally, the company provides meeting and incentive services as well as luxury vacation planning.  For more information about Atlas, please visit or by calling 800-362-8626.



About NativeEnergy Travel Offsets

NativeEnergy Travel Offsets’ team of industry veterans ( is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of the travel industry, while making these companies work more efficiently as businesses. It is a young company (established in 2006) that is charged by its parent firm, NativeEnergy (founded by Tom Boucher and Tom Stoddard in 2000), to target travel companies willing to make their operations and tours carbon neutral. The Intertribal Council on Utility Policy (, a non-profit organization of Great Plains Tribes, holds a majority equity interest in NativeEnergy.

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