Atlas Travel International is Rewriting the Way Companies Think About Travel with Two Key New Hires: Expanding into New York Area with New Traveler Experience Approach

MILFORD, Mass. — January 31, 2012 — “New York companies need to know that there is a significant service and savings difference with Atlas Travel,” said Greg Martin, the New York sales director recently hired by the Massachusetts-based travel management company.  “A decade of mergers and acquisitions has deprived theNew York area of many respected regional travel management companies and that makes Atlas better positioned than mega agencies to offer customized travel programs for companies spending $500 thousand to $10 million on air travel.”

Travel is too important to company growth to have failing programs.  An Oxford Economics study showed that roughly 40% of prospective customers were converted to new customers thanks to face-to-face meetings and that, for every dollar invested in business travel, the company realized $12.50 in incremental revenue.  Atlas has used that data to streamline travel support, addressing both traveler needs and company cost-savings measures, to derive the success of all parties.   Atlas’ 300% growth since 2006, can, in part, be attributed to Atlas’ employees, each of them tasked with finding client solutions and surpassing client expectations to provide a personalized touch that is just not happening at the mega shops.

Mr. Martin is one of two key new hires that Atlas has made in recent months to convey that the traveler is an important part of the business travel management process.  Companies have been hyper-focused on reducing fees and cutting costs, often sacrificing traveler experience for bottom line results.

“It’s key to work with the business travelers as much as you work with executive management,” said Michael Sciarretta, who started as director of Atlas’ Travel & Expense Consulting division this past November.   “We need to educate and work closely with travelers to help and guide them; a mandate still doesn’t mean that travelers are necessarily buying into the program, so we’re taking the 360 approach.  True compliance requires champion users from all aspects of the program to make it really work.  From the TMC, expense platform, card program, and all travel-related vendors, it takes the right mix to create harmony and ensure business goals are measured and achieved.”

Mr. Martin’s most recent experience was as a regional director of sales for Directravel inNew Yorkand he has over 30 years working in the travel and hospitality industry.  He sees Atlas’ regional leader status as a perfect fit for clients spending $500,000 in airfare and want a dedicated team to drive both traveler satisfaction and company savings.

Mr. Sciarretta comes from New England-based Travizon and saw Atlas as a leader inNew Englandand a frequent winner of regional business.  It was Atlas’ commitment to success from all sides that drew him to join their team.

“We are always on the lookout for new talent and Greg and Mike are going to be keys to our new initiative to bring business travel back to the traveler,” saidElaine Osgood, president of Atlas.  “With their experience and help, we feel we can help foster a change in thinking among travel managers that will benefit the traveler and the corporation.”

About Atlas Travel International, Inc.:

Celebrating more than 25 years in business, Atlas Travel International serves more than 500 corporations and more than 15,000 vacation travelers.  Atlas has been honored as a leading business in New England, in the travel industry and as an Ernst & Young Regional Entrepreneur of the Year award winner.  Additionally, the company provides meeting and incentive services as well as luxury vacation planning.  For more information about Atlas, please visit or by calling 800-362-8626.

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