Atlas Travel International Rolls Out Corporate Travel CRM System:New System Available for Sale November 2005

October 3, 2005: Milford, Massachusetts –Atlas Travel International has just developed a new corporate customer relationship management (CRM) system called Common KnowledgeProfiler that is designed to track, manage and synchronize client data.  Two of the key benefits of the Common KnowledgeProfiler are its bidirectional synchronization capabilities designed to keep GDS profiles and in-house agency databases in sync and its ability to handle unique travel industry requirements.


Overall, the system tracks all trip data, customer activity and customer profiles to help agents make better decisions and make them more quickly.  Because the system works on all GDS and on all platforms including PCs, MACs and all major browsers, it is able to capture, export and rebuild data from any platform to any platform.  The richness and complexity of the data capture available in the CRM system has been created especially for the corporate travel market.


“Atlas uses this system to not only handle profile updates but to track travelers’ history and booking patterns to proactively offer upgrades and other services,” explains Elaine Osgood, president of Atlas Travel International.  “It alerts agents so they know a traveler’s history, travel patterns and personal preferences so they can make informed decisions.”


The key tasks that make this suited to the corporate market include:

  • Bi-directional synchronization of profile updates between GDS, Common KnowledgeProfiler, and online booking systems.
  • Automated management of any GDS field, such as mass updates of credit card data, name field remarks, or any other database variables saving countless man-hours.
  • Finding, tracking and uploading club membership status for any group of corporate travelers.
  • Query and reporting against integrated trip history and profile data sources from a single web interface.


“Using this technology increases the value-add that corporate customers are looking to get from travel management companies,” said Rock Blanco, chief technology officer for Atlas Travel.  “With this new system, agencies can provide more and better service with less manpower.”


In addition to Common KnowledgeProfiler, there are three other products in this suite that are also available for purchase by travel agencies.  These include:

  • Common KnowledgeE-Invoice, that provides a direct VoIP connection to the reservation agent as well as tracking and applying unused tickets credits,
  • Common KnowledgeAuto Survey, that can be set to survey any select group of travelers at any time to get specific feedback on traveler experiences, and
  • Common KnowledgeFlight Reminder, the automated reminder for flight check in that is linked to the airline check in system.


All of these products together form a superior travel booking base that provides the height of convenience and instant customization for the traveler while strengthening the agencies’ ability to deliver quality service and added value.


The Common KnowledgeProfiler is in use by dozens of Atlas Travel International’s clients.  It is also the licensed profile system used by Portaga, Inc. for its newly launched Microsoft® Outlook-based corporate travel booking tool, Portaga Travel Manager (   The Common KnowledgeProfiler system is available for purchase as of November 1st, 2005. 


About Atlas Travel International, Inc.:

Atlas Travel International is a full-service, $65 million travel agency serving corporate, vacation and meeting travel needs. Honored as a leading business in New England and a leader in the travel industry, Atlas is headquartered in Milford, Massachusetts and has offices throughout the New England region.  More information about Atlas Travel International is available on the Web at or by calling 1-800-362-8626.



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